Who Eats all the Food

That would be me. However, I always share!

I’m Duaa, a full-time hard working digital manager, a super mama for two beautiful kids, and a foodie at heart. I like to take pictures of great food, and I love baking.

My passion for scrumptious food, and living in Kuwait, which is a top destination for major food brands in Middle East, inspired me to start Dishlicious, a space where I can share my happy –and sometimes not so happy – eating experiences with you.

I enjoy eating out, trying new places and new dishes inspired from all places and cultures. My favorite foods are pasta and burgers; my favorite dessert is cheesecake, pecan pie, and everything that includes chocolate, oh and am a coffee addict too!

For me, food is not the only reason I go to a restaurant for. It’s the atmosphere, the company, the vibes, and the service. Moreover, because it does not involve washing dishes afterwards. I hope Dishlicious can convey these experiences to you and help you find great places to have a very-enjoyable meal at or perhaps just coffee and delightful dessert.