Eat, Sip, & Relax

The Place; a perfect spot to eat, sip, relax, and have a quality time with your friends and beloved ones. The ambiance is bright and exciting, I love their selection of music too, they have a widely varied delicious menu, and the staff are incredibly friendly and likable, you cannot ask for a better customer service!

What is so special about this place, is how they are taking old traditional recipes which we all love, and transforming it into a better modern dishes in terms of taste, flavors, and presentation. I regularly drop in The Place for lunch break as my office is in the same tower they are located in, and I’ve almost tried everything on their menu – except for breakfast, which am planning to give it a try soon – but for now let me tell you about my favorites in this post.

  • Biriyani Balls; these small bites are packed with southern Indian flavors and floated in a makhani sauce and mint chutney. It is the first thing I have to order when am there, you can’t imagine how delicious they are, and it’s not too spicy too.
Biriyani Balls
  • Beef Tenderloin pops; my second favorite thing at The Place. Marinated tenderloin cubes with fried cheesy potato balls, topped with a piece of yellow mild cheddar cheese, served with chimichurri aioli on the side. You have to take the whole thing into one bite to enjoy the feel of the juicy meat and the crispiness of the potato at the same time… heaven!
Beef Tenderloin pops
  • Tex Mex Salad; this salad is fire! If you are into Doritos spicy tortilla chips, you are definitely going to love this one.  Beside the nachos it has shredded iceberg, cubes of grilled chicken breast, avocado, mixed beans (red, white, & black), sweet corn, onion, coriander, and jalapeno to add even more spice to it! I know It sounds like a lot of ingredients but there is great harmony between all tastes and flavors.
Tex Mex Salad
  • Potato Lava; a potato barrel stuffed with cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese, swimming in lava sauce and topped with crispy onion and chopped Chives. This is a shareable starter, it’s so heavy you’ll have enough of a bite or two, plus you don’t want to ruin your appetite for the main course.
  • Chicken Fondue: new on their starter’s list, breaded chicken rolls filled with cheddar cheese, fried and glazed with honey chipotle barbecue sauce, and served with citrus-y ranch on the side.
  • Now let’s jump to the main courses. The Lamb Shank; a holy slowly braised lamb for 4 hours, well-seasoned with spices and herbs, served with creamy mashed potato and grilled scallions. The tender meat pulls off the bones into shreds nicely and easily and melts in your mouth.  
  • Shrimps Masala; char grilled marinated shrimps with vindaloo spices, served with masala sauce and coconut rice. The shrimps were so good, didn’t try the rice unfortunately since we were getting fuller toward the end of our meal.
Shrimp Masala
  • Kansas Chicken Burger; this was the little kiddo’s pick, and she loved it very much. Marinated fried chicken breast with sliced cheddar cheese, ice berg lettuce, pickles, and crispy onion rings, served in a very fresh and soft potato bun.

Last but not the least, I want to tell you also that they have great steaks! We usually order the Pepper Glazed steak because the piece of meat is less fatty, but we replace the sides with everything from the Rib Eye Steak (the fries, mushrooms, and also we replace the pepper sauce with mushroom sauce as well) don’t judge please!  

  • Ended up our course with Chocolate Lava Feast, which was good but I would have preferred it without the rice puffs and I also love my waffles crispy, but here since it was dipped in the chocolate sauce in the jar, you cannot feel the crunch. Still it was good and it’s fun when you flip it over and watch all the chocolate drizzling!   
Chocolate Lava Feast

The Place is located in Crystal Tower, Mezzanine Floor, Ahmed Al Jaber Street, Sharq, and they are open Sun – Thur from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm, and Fri -Sat 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Visit their Instagram and check their mouth-watering food!

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