Un-BEET-able Brunch  

Caught up in our busy life routine, juggling up everyday responsibilities we tend to look for readily available “fast” foods to eat on the go, which makes eating healthy the last thing on your mind. If you are anything like me, not knowing what your next meal will be or where it will come from often causes a little bit of stress, then read on.

The Local Beet have taken on the assignment of making healthy and clean food available for you to either grab and go or set for a delicious meal. The place just opened its doors this month in Vibes Complex – Abu Al-Hasaniya and it’s so worth visiting and checking-out. They don’t serve any fried or greasy food, and they only use fresh local ingredients.


Here are the -not only delicious but amazingly beautiful- dishes we had. I have to admit, making healthy food looks and tastes this good must be very challenging.

From their Open Faced Sandwiches my choices were: The Avocado on Sourdough with Turmeric Poached Eggs, in my mind I thought turmeric with eggs is not a usual combination to me so let’s try it… And I loved it! I just wish my eggs were runny as I asked for.



The second choice was the Ricotta Toast on Sourdough with Fresh Berries, I love everything with berries, any and all kind of berries, but the secret here was the cheese! They make their own home-made ricotta and trust me you’ll feel all the different. And am sure you are going to take few minutes looking at this stunning artistic work before you take your first bite.



When we say healthy breakfast, oatmeal has to be involved somehow. They serve different options of oatmeal, apple pie, fresh berries, and berry compote, I tried the latter. Yummy…


The little princesses have enjoyed the Apple Pie Ricotta Pancake all to herself, not leaving any for Mama to try. The look on her face says it all.


My sweet treat was the Berries Cheesecake which is made of Greek yogurt, their freshly made in-house ricotta cheese again, and the best part is that they replaced the biscuit-butter base with almonds & walnuts! It was super light and definitely a guilt free dessert.


The beverages menu is divided into three parts: Iced drinks like lemonade, green tea, or cold brew coffee, and much more. They also have fresh juices, I gave the Beet Booster a try, and at last is the hot drinks of coffee and organic teas.


The Local Beet offers an all-day breakfast and lunch for now, and soon they will be serving dinner too. You can choose from their warm ready-made bowls with chicken, steak, salmon or shrimps for lunch, or you can make your own bowl as well. They also serve Salads and have a salad bar, and a variety of healthy snacks like energy and protein balls, roasted nuts too.

Check their Instagram account, and make sure to give them a visit to try their incredible food (I seriously loved everything) and take your weekly supplies of healthy snacks while you are there (the chocolate mousse is not to miss). I hope to see them available to order online very soon.


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