Mad about Madison…

No, not the city…! Am madly in love with Madison & Heig – the restaurant – a beautifully created local concept that you cannot but fall head over heels with.

Madison & Heig is a bistro and bakery which opened its doors in Kuwait back in December 2017, the place has amazing details, and a pleasant, soothing ambiance. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and open from 9:00 am – 11:00 pm every day.


I went there for breakfast, and although the place was so crowded, yet we had an amazing experience. Started with a double espresso to wake me up while waiting for the food to come, here is what we had:


The bread basket with whipped butter and jam was a tasty and fresh start of the journey. They make all their breads and bakeries from scratch fresh every day, and they have great choices of bread and croissant, you can order the bread baskets for your gatherings in different sizes as well.


For eggs our choice fell on the Wild Mushroom Omelet, beside the mushrooms it had goat cheese, roasted cherry tomatoes, and greens, it was good but my favorite was the Avocado Sliders, a soft scramble over an avocado spread, with feta cheese & chili flakes. The bun was super-soft, and squishy and that made it so delicious. I hear their Shakshuka is spectacular too, definitely trying that on my next visit.


DSC_3707 (1)

Now lets talk about the star of the show! The Onion and Kalamata Focaccia, I still can’t forget the smell and the taste of this one, one of the best –if not the best– focaccia I ever had in Kuwait. It was light and substantial, chewy and soft, wonderfully delicious. It was loaded with Kalamata olives, caramelized onions, the cherry tomatoes.



And as usual, there has to be a sweet conclusion to all of this; and it was the Ricotta Pancakes. They have two choices, you can have it with maple syrup and berries, or with their home-made hazelnut chocolate sauce, we chose the former.


Madison & Heig has an indoor and outdoor seating area, since the weather is finally beautiful in Kuwait now, I say go for the outdoor! They are located at the White Coast – Bneid AlGar. Visit their Instagram and take a look at the mouthwatering dishes they have.




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