Güten Morgen From Kuwait

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, not that I do not like eating all day, but breakfast is so special to me, it setup my day. I have recently discovered a new gem in the breakfast’s world of Kuwait, with a variety of the yummiest options ever.

Güten is a modern German inspired restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, opened in Kuwait about one and a half year ago, and located at The Spot at Messilah. The restaurant’s outdoor seating is amazing.


Before I tell you all about the great modern and creative dishes I have had, you have to know that these photos are from two different visits to Güten, we didn’t really ate all these at once. My second visit was during March, where Güten had a spring festival with great outdoor floral arrangements that put you directly into the mood.

While waiting for the food, impatiently, I sipped this delightful mocha.


The first dish to arrive on table was the Liver on Toast, mostly am hesitant to eat liver outside home, I cannot tolerate if it has unpleasant smell or taste, but this one was fresh and tasted so good especially with the pomegranate and pomegranate molasses.


My breakfasts are not complete without benedict! The first time we tried Croque Madame Egg Benedict; poached eggs with turkey, the classic hollandaise sauce, served on a croissant. On the second visit, the choice fell on the Royal Eggs, a more sophisticated version of benedict with salmon and tobiko on an English muffin.

Now to the super-size Shack Ribs Egg Sandwich. The meat was so tender and all in the entire sandwich was great, I just felt it is too salty for me. The kiddos had Spanglish Omelette with avocado and cheese and they loved it!

Am not a big fan of Turkish Eggs, tried it only once before and decided to give it a second try here, and am still not into it, it’s just the idea of yoghurt and eggs that didn’t work for me. However, that does not mean it is not good, if you love it, go for it! The Turkish eggs are served with a basket of freshly baked bread and croissant.



Am saving my two favorites until the last. The Pepperoni & Cheese Croquettes; which was super crunchy from the outside with melting cheese from the inside with the pepperonis. Moreover, the award winning dish; Güten Cheese Platter! The finest and richest collection of cheese with walnuts, dried apricots, and olives.



Although I was tempted with many of the desserts on the menu, I choose to go with the option that felt less satiating, since we were already full. The Simple Pleasure of Waffles.


Visit Güten Instagram account and check the variety of their European style dishes, my next visit to them will be definitely to try the lunch and dinner menu.


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