Glamour & exquisite food under one roof!

Simply put, having lunch at Rococoa was one of the most delightful eating-out experiences, I ever had. Elegant ambiance, delectable food, and superb service!

Rococoa is a local Kuwaiti restaurant reflecting on the French culinary, offering a refined, contemporary bistro and patisserie; a diverse, highly pleasant collection of chocolates; and, fresh ice cream.

What makes the experience of eating at Rococoa extra special is that everything on their menu is handmade using as many French ingredients as possible, suchlike these hand-painted truffles.

Salted Pistachio Truffles, and many more flavors.

Here is what we had; the most fallen in love with dishes comes first! The Scotch Egg Tart. Freshly boiled eggs in herb sausage, placed on a spinach tart nest. So flavourful and satisfying.

I love runny yolks!

Now this colourful dish will definitely brighten up your mealtime. A bowl rich in healthy and fresh ingredients; The Salmon Poke has salmon, avocados, cucumbers, kales, & edamame on a bed of black rice.

The perfect option if you wanna go healthy!
Hubby hired as a model… ❤

Ranking the third was these Crispy Jalapeno Prawns. Deeply fried and served with a sweet chili vinaigrette and fresh jalapeno salsa.

Sweet and Chili!

In the fourth position comes the thick and creamy Tomato Soup, served with grilled sourdough Raclette Cheese Sandwich. Along with the beautiful Chicken Satay.

Perfect for the cold weather.
Ground chicken on a lemongrass sticks, red coconut curry, pickled cucumber and radish.

Lastly, comes this piece of art: Poulet Aux Morilles. Chicken roulade, morel mushroom reduction, served with a scented blend of wild and red rice.

The spinach foam is so tempting, isn’t it?

Wait, am not done yet, you need to know about the desserts!

As a pancake and waffles addict, my eyes fall immediately on Waffles De Liege. Super delicious waffles with clotted cream and roasted apple croquant. I loved it! Then the Restaurant Manager Mr. Rebello suggested we try the Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake. I thank him for that… the Molten chocolate cake was heavenly delicious, setting on a biscuit ring, and at the bottom more chocolate cake crumbles and vanilla ice cream. Oh and there is those lovely pop-up candy on top, which brings lovely childhood memories.

I want to call this: The “Apple Pie” Waffle
Looking at the picture makes me want to cry!

The little princess bonus was the Mushy Text, a raspberry glazed donuts decorated with raspberry swirl and yogurt bits. In case you are wondering, I had my bite from this one too, and my after lunch coffee magically turned into a Hot Chocolate too, do not judge until you go and try it yourself.


Rococoa have two types of Hot Chocolate, dark and salted caramel. Have it your way!

We really had a great time at Rococoa. The overall experience of eating there was truly enjoyable and charming. You can order any of their chocolates, patisserie, and ice cream from their website: and get it delivered to your doorstep.


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