The Lobster Feast!


I have to say, I was not a big fan of seafood at younger age, and my appetite to fish even got worse on a trip to Paris on 2008. I was invited to a seafood buffet and tried a type of fish that I disliked and I do not recall what it was anyway; I also had to remove the anchovies from my Caesar salad that night.

Few years later, I decided that I would start trying out new types of seafood again, and I discovered how much I love shrimps, crabs, and lobsters!

Hubby happens to love lobster too, a lot, and last weekend we had a great lunch at Burger and Lobster at the Avenues – Galleria.

You can tell how happy he is with his lobster

The idea behind Burger and Lobster was to setup a restaurant that serves dishes crafted of just one or two main ingredients. The restaurant originates from London with branches in New York, Bangkok, Dubai and Jeddah in the Middle East plus other countries as well.


Since the concept of the restaurants is to use few main ingredients, in Kuwait they added more items to the menu to offer more options and variety to their customers. This is what we had:


We started off the meal with a very rich and very fresh salad; consisting of lobster, crispy greens, fennel, green apple, peach, cherry tomato & red radish served with Burger and Lobster special dressing. Hubby never approves fruits in salad, on the other hand my daughter and I hunted all the peaches and apples. Ingredients of the salad are served on a tray and the waiter mix it and add the dressing right in front of you, enjoyable experience indeed.



We ordered the burger for the kiddo, but who am I kidding? I had one for myself too. The burger was classic, yet fantastic; juicy meat with cheese, pickles, and bacon, served with salad.


The restaurant serve three types of lobsters, not a fan of tomato sauce alongside seafood, our choices were the following, but I want to tell you first that all their lobsters are fresh and imported directly from Canada.



You can choose to have the lobster steamed or grilled; we had it grilled with the lemon and garlic butter, plus chips and salad.



My favorite dish among them all. A creamy mixture of the cooked lobster meat with mushroom and cheesy sauce, stuffed into the lobster shell.



Chilled lobster meat dressed in a light Japanese mayonnaise, served in a warm, toasted brioche bun with chips and salad. Very light and tasty.


They also offer a good variety of beverages starting from regular soft drinks, to healthy refreshing juices, smoothies, and other specialty drinks, plus tea and coffee. I was so happy and refreshed with my own choice until the very last sip.


“Death by Chocolate” was the closure to our meal, they have few other options for dessert from their Sweet Tooth menu. It was good, I think I was too full to entirely enjoy it, but look at this cute chocolate lobster.


Last but not least, I want to tell you how warm and welcoming the staff were. Pay Burger and Lobster a visit to enjoy a very delightful lobster feast, In the meantime check their Instagram account to know more about their servings.


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