Spice up your life at Baker & Spice


Every now and then, I get to treat myself to what I like to call “a get away without the kids”. Luckily enough my recent escape was more than just perfect.

Ever since we moved to our new offices, my friend and I were planning to do some shopping for office décor items. We thought the best thing to do before heading out to the market, is to have a great breakfast, and we did.

The choice has fallen on Baker and Spice because:

  1. We love it.
  2. We have been eager to see their new branch at JACC.
  3. To try-out the new menu.

Baker and Spice is an artisan food shop and restaurant, originated from London in 1995. Their first branch in Middle East was in Dubai, and they opened in Kuwait on February 2016 at Souk Sharq – Sea Front, just recently, their second restaurant opened at Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre.

Their food philosophy is local: they use local quality food ingredients, organic: all their food is free of artificial additivesfresh: made on daily basis, and homemade: fine home cooked food.

I liked the ambience of the new place, very calm and capacious. They have different stations, one for coffee, another for grilling and roasting, and one for making fresh pasta from scratch.



We had two types of eggs: spinach and mushroom omelette, and baked eggs. Both were delicious, and I just love it when the waiter asks, “How do you want your eggs?” Runny yolks is my favourite way of eating eggs.



From the Oven Fresh menu, we picked Focaccia with local farm cherry tomato and fresh mozzarella. Forget about etiquette when you eat this, just grab the focaccia, tear it with your bear hands and enjoy the crispiness on edges, softness in the middle with all the flavors from the cheese, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and the pines.


We enjoyed every bite of everything we had, but the waffles at the end was heavenly. We had pumpkin waffles served with mascarpone cheese and dates syrup. They were delightfully crisp, rich and fluffy. I asked for extra syrup – of course.


IMG_8452 (6)

From the beverages list, my friend chose pomegranate juice while I had the green juice, a refreshing combination of Kale, spinach, green apples, cucumber and celery. I felt the cucumber was overpowering.

The staff were very warm, welcoming and friendly.


During earlier visits, I have tried some of their great salads, which I highly recommend; they also have a display for daily specials for lunch and dinner that you can choose from in addition to fixed items on their menu.

The restaurant also offers an original selection of cakes, pastries, breads and cookies that you can enjoy in-house or order to go. Try their Ka’ak with labneh and zaatar yum-yum.


IMG_8383 (3)

You have to plan your next food outing to this such unique atmosphere restaurant. Check their Instagram account and look at their delicious and healthy dishes. You can also order online from try carriage.


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