Seafood lovers, you do not want to miss the experience at Yuba.

Hala Yuba! This is how you are greeted when you walk into Yuba Sushi & Robata Bar.

“Yuba” is a Japanese word that means “dried tofu skin” a traditional healthy food in Japan used as an ingredient in preparing meals. In Gulf, we have a word, which pronounced in the same way and means “father”. “Hala Yuba” is a Kuwaiti phrase used commonly for greeting each other.


What is so special about Yuba in addition to serving authentic, healthy and delicious sushi; is their robata bar. Robata is a Japanese comfort cuisine that refers to a method of cooking, similar to barbecue, in which items of food on skewers are slow-grilled over hot charcoal and lava stone.

Yuba opened last year in October, at a new location in Kuwait – Crystal Tower. Some of the other amazing aspects at the restaurant is that they have incorporated Kuwaiti flavors to their dishes, not just that, but even in the decorations. As you see in the below image, they have a wall ornamented with silver and gold color Kuwaiti coins. Make a guess on how much it worth.

IMG_6856Let’s not keep you waiting any longer, take a look at the great dishes I got to experience with Hubby, my little 5 year kiddo -who is by the way crazy about edamame and sushi-, and my friend. The portions may sound small, but we felt full after finishing our meal.


We started with Yuba Salad; very light, tasty, and just the right amount of crispness. It contain chicken, fried wonton, chive, and sesame seeds all mixed up with fresh leafy vegetables, and dressed with a vinaigrette sauce.

From starters, we also had Salted Edamame that disappeared in minutes, I could not take a picture of and the Yasai Spring Rolls served with spicy sweet chili sauce.


Yuba have three types of tempura, we choose the Ebi Tempura; the fresh herbal flavor in the tempura was so strong, it was so good we ordered it twice and the tartar sauce was yum. They also have halloumi and vegetable tempuras.


Another must try shrimp dish to order when you are there is their Stuffed Shrimp.

These thinly cut and hand torched Salmon Tataki are heaven, if you eat raw seafood. The salmon is drizzled with pesto and ponzu dressing to make it even a more perfect dish.


Let’s talk sushi! I have to tell you first that Yuba is the only restaurant in Kuwait that creates fresh wasabi from scratch.

This is my second visit to Yuba and on my first visit I tried the Almond Roll and could not forget the taste, I had to eat this again. It has unagi, avocado, mango and almond flakes. Our second choice was Yuba Ura Maki, ebi tempura, avocado, cucumber, topped with spicy albacore. Almond roll is still my favorite.



The great feast had to be concluded with something even greater!  The Mixed Mushroom bop bowl. This dish is rich by all means, served with Japanese rice, sauteed wild mix mushrooms, and parmesan cheese. The waiter actually drizzle the truffle oil and mix the bowl at your table before serving it, it’s so good because you get to smell all the amazing aromas before you taste it and it melts in your mouth.


The restaurant has some healthy and refreshing drinks, which again has a Kuwaiti twist in their names. I had “Shino Yuba” – Lavender Lemonade, the sensation you get from the first sip is indescribable. Hubby a big fan of pineapple had “Hayyak Yuba” – Cold Shower, a blend of watermelon, pineapple, lemon, mint and ginger. Lastly, my friend had the healthiest option, “Shfeek Yuba” – Body Cleanser, a mix of cucumber, celery, beetroot & orange juice. The beetroot taste was overpowering.


I never leave without desserts! I loved their saffron and chocolate Mochi ice cream flavors.


Yuba Sushi & Robata Bar is located in Crystal Tower – Kuwait City, and they deliver orders through Carriage. Check their Instagram account to get a look at their mouth-watering menu.



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