Indulge yourself at Life with Cacao 

A fact about myself: to unwind I eat desserts! I have quite few places, which I go back to more often, and on top of my list is Life with Cacao.

Passing by the café after its opening have always intrigued me to go in and try it, the restaurant interior design is modern with a fairy-tale twist, and hence attraction happens.

Life with Cacao is specialised in artistic chocolate desserts, but has both sweet and savoury dishes on their menu, in addition to an assortment of beverages. They use first-rate quality cocoa beans and fresh ingredients.

After so many visits to Life with Cacao, here is my all-time favourite mouthwatering desserts:

Classic Licious Brownies
Strawberry Sundae – Perfect for Summer

Tap images to view the name of each dish below:


The café also offers off-the-shelf chocolate gifts, truffles, enrobed nuts, and more. It is indeed the ultimate haven for chocolate lovers.

They have five locations in Kuwait, visit them and “live deliciously”!


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