Luncheon at the Park – Three & Barista

I love having long walks, and what’s more endearing than enjoying a lovely meal and having a walk in the park afterwards.

Three & Barista, a local artisanal coffee bar and a kitchen under one roof, opened its doors in June 2016 at a very beautiful destination in Kuwait; Al-Shaheed Park.

IMG_5033 (5)

 The place is spacious, with indoor and outdoor seating that, you can enjoy when the weather is cool in Kuwait, and most importantly, they have an amazing view of the park. The indoor ambience is great and vibrant too, with automotive decoration and bus seats.


IMG_5030My friend and I decided to skip salads and starters, and jumped directly into main courses. Here is what we had:

  • Three & Barista Burger: a beef patty burger with mushroom sauce, lettuce, and guess what, Carrot Jam! The jam actually had crispy sweet pieces of carrots, which added a crunch to the burger. It was served with herbed French fries (yum!) and fried pickles.

IMG_5063 (1)

  • Meatballs Spaghetti: Forget about the spaghetti! Those meatballs were the juiciest and most tender meatballs I had ever had!


  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich: I cannot say much, please look at the picture. It is served with green salad (perhaps to balance all the so-worth-it calories and fats from the cheese).


  • Bubble Waffles: You cannot leave before having these. I tried this so-indulgent bubble waffle few months ago, and I can say they are the reason I went back to Three & Barista. The waffles are so light and fluffy, dressed up in fruits (lots of berries), cream and edible flowers. You can choose to have your waffles with chocolate too instead of fruits.

IMG_5119 (1)

  • Drinks: For drinks, I tried their lemonade-iced tea, and my friend had Lemon with mint. Both were so refreshing.


I wish I had more tummy space to try their burrata pizza, actually all their pizzas look delish. Am a big fan of thin pizza crust.

Three & Barista is a great destination for breakfast, coffee and dessert, or cozy afternoons too. They have various flavors of croissant, pain au chocolat, cakes and cookies. They are open every day of the week from 8:00am – 10:00pm check their Instagram account to check other items on their menu too.


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