A View, a Lovely Breeze, & Great Burgers! Lunch at 5 Napkin Burgers

If you are following Dishlicious on Instagram, then you know how much I love burgers. I’m in an on-going hunt for quality, mouth-watering, and extraordinary burgers!

5 Napkin Burgers is now one of my special burger places, not only because they serve delicious burgers, but because of their location too. The restaurant is located in Boulevard Park in Salmiya; which is a great venue for your morning’s jog, taking your kids to have a pleasant time at the playgrounds, and perfect for a walk after a heavy eating.

Beautiful gulls all around the lake at Boulevard.

The restaurant opened in June last year, my first visit was on October 2016, the weather was cold back then and we had to set indoors. I was so happy I had the chance to enjoy their outdoor area this month with the lovely weather and the great view facing the fountain with the beautiful gulls.

When I visited the first time, the waiter suggested I try the Original 5 Napkin Burger. On my second visit, although I was tempted to try something new on their menu, all my cravings was about this beauty though.

The Original 5 Napkin Burger is a 10 ounces of fresh ground beef topped with Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and a rosemary aioli. I believe the dripping sauce and thickness of the burger is the secret behind this massively delicious burger.

Original 5 Napkin Burger – Delicious!

Make sure to order it medium-well, you want to enjoy all the juices of this thick and meaty burger.

In case you are wondering, where the name 5 Napkin comes from, after you eat this burger, you will be able to relate. The restaurant gets its name from the number of napkins you need to handle the goodness of what they serve.

My Hubby, who is not so adventurous in food like me, ordered the Classic Cheese Burger, which comes with American cheese, raw onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and he added their 5N sauce. It was good, but unfortunately although we asked for it to be medium as well; it was a little bit dry.

Classic Cheese Burger with Mashed Potatoes on side.
A close-up on the Cheese Burger.

If you want to feel less guilty, you can replace the side French fries with mashed potato. They also have different sides that you can choose to enjoy with your burgers like sweet potato and barbecue fries, onion rings, or steamed broccoli.

Juicy grilled chickens, crisp romaine lettuce tossed in the perfect Caesar dressing!

We had Caesar Salad to start, with chicken and it was very good. The kiddo enjoyed the cheeseburger from kids menu, which is served with fries and your choice of fresh juice.

Kids like it simple.

The restaurant doesn’t only serve burgers, they have some other specialities; chicken and waffles, even steak, salmon, and lobster dishes. Which I’m eager to try on my next visit. 5 Napkin also have sushi, I know I shouldn’t judge but I find it weird for a burger place to serve sushi. If you tried it, please share your experience with us. Last thing I want to share with you is that they serve breakfast now too and, I have to say, the staff at 5 Napkin Burger are very hospitable and genial.

If I was successful enough to tempt you to try the place, please pay them a visit nowadays to enjoy their outdoor area before it become too hot in Kuwait to set outside! The restaurant opens until 12:00 midnight during weekdays and until 1:00 am on weekends.

5 Napkin Burger is located in Salmiya, Boulevard Mall, Block 8, Qatar Street. You can also visit their website and check their social media accounts too. Facebook: 5napkinkw | Instagram: 5napkinburgerkw


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