Bring Out the Good Old Memories – Breakfast at Cereal Killer Cafe

Cereals must have been your favourite food at some stage in your life, most probably as a child, and if this love continued to grow on you, and you are still young at heart, then your breakfast time comes with the best part of the day – a huge bowl of cereal.

With 100+ different kinds and flavors of cereals, Cereal Killer Café opened its doors in Kuwait with crowd full of excitement earlier this year. They also opened branches in Jordan and Dubai around the same time. The World’s first International Cereal Café, is a British franchise founded by the twins Alan and Gary Kerry.

You get chills as you walk into the place, and you immediately feel nostalgic. The café display hundreds of pieces of memories from the 80s and 90s, like the arcade games, a set of old TV’s, the cassettes on the table and much more.

That cassette!

You can create your own bowl of cereals with your favourite type and flavor, milk, and toppings. You can also choose from their cereal cocktails on menu and add extra toppings too. They serve two sizes of bowls: regular and large. I had “s’more than words” with golden grahams, marshmallows, but I had it with skimmed milk instead of the chocolate milk. My daughter had “the lion king” which has coco caramel shreddies, lion cereal, rolo’s and of course she added M&Ms for toppings. I loved my bowl but found the kiddo’s too sweet, especially the rolo’s but am sure she didn’t mind the sugar rush!

Mesmerised by the cartoon on TV


If you are allergic to milk, don’t worry about that as they offer many milk alternatives such as: soya, almond, coconut, and rice milk and they also have lactose free milk and natural yogurt.

The lovely thing is that they have added a twist on Kuwait’s menu. They serve cereal cocktails with local flavors like saffron, rehash, rose, and pistachio. They have a range of hot and cold drinks too, and some light sandwiches.

You get your check in an old video tape pack

Cereals are not made only for breakfast; you can have them anytime during the day. Pay Cereal Killer Café a visit and enjoy your childhood again. They are located in Emad Tower, Ahmed Al Jaber Street, Kuwait City and their account on Instagram is: @cerealkillercafekw

I hope you enjoy your visit and cereals as much as Tulay and I did. Share you own experience about the café in a comment below, I would love to hear from you.


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  1. Anny says:

    Got excited to try it after I saw ur post . Great experience . Kids loved it !!!!!thx for posting about it 😘


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